High 1st Time Pass Rate

High 1st Time Pass Rate

Pass rates are one of the key factors to consider when choosing an Instructor, but you need to be aware that they are not officially published figures and are not controlled by the DSA. You must also consider other factors such as how many lessons it took to get to test standard.

The only official data provided by the DSA is the national average of total passes for a given period. The figures includes all passes and not just 1st time passes and currently stands at 42%.

Amanda’s pass rates compare as follows:-

Last 12 months
1st time pass = 25
2nd time pass = 5
3rd time pass = 2
Total Number of tests = 32

1st time pass rate = 78.13%.
Pupils going onto pass their test = 100%

Last 36 months

1st time pass = 63
2nd time pass = 14
3rd time pass = 4
Total Number of tests = 82

1st time pass rate = 76.82%.
Pupils going onto pass their test =  98.78 %

As we do not get an offical pass rate from the DSA, instructors can only calculate their own figures by dividing the number of 1st time passes from the total number of tests taken by their pupils over a given period.

Unfortunately, this makes it easy for true rates to be fabricated so if you are unsure ask to see how their rates were calculated. i.e total number of tests taken versus 1st time passes and total passes.