Learner Helper Sessions

Learner Helper Sessions

This service is advised for anyone who intends to take a learner out for additional practise. If learners are provided with effective practice time behind the wheel, studies prove it reduces the time it takes for them to pass their test and they have a better chance of passing first time which can reduce costs.

Tailor made 1 or 2 hour sessions will include:-

  • Syllabus content for the current driving test
  • Insight into how the practical test has changed since yesteryear.
  • A range of topics including managing emotions and route planning
  • How to provide effective practice in line with what the Instructor is teaching.
  • Assessment of your own driving to ensure bad practice is not passed on.

I also offer free advice & support on an on-going basis and welcome accompanying drivers to sit in the back of a lesson to observe. Please feel free to contact me at any time.


I fully endorse additional private practice but I am also aware that adding a learner onto an insurance policy can be expensive. Be sure to shop around.

It may be more cost effective to take more lessons with your Instructor to keep the momentum up behind the wheel.

To accompany a learner driver you must have been a full UK driving license holder for 3 years and must be 21 years of age or over.