Patient Female Instructor

Why Choose Us

Patient Female Instructor

Amanda has many years experience of teaching a variety of people at different stages of their driving journey and is fully aware that people learn at different speeds and vary in confidence levels. She has successfully worked with a wide range of pupils and specialises in:-

  • Nervous pupils
  • Anxious pupils

Amanda’s knowledge of teaching different personalities ensures she is quick to identify personal needs and adapts a teaching plan to match at a pace that the pupil is comfortable with.

Reliable Expert Tuition

Amanda prides herself in her time keeping and keeps all appointments come rain or shine. If for unforeseen reasons, there is a delay to one of your lessons you will be notified by phone prior to your start time.

Some of the reasons why Amanda has regulalry been called an expert Instructor are:-

  • 20 years experience in the role
  • Ability to teach a variety of different abilities
  • Highest grade 6 Instructor
  • High 1st time pass rate
  • 2 x advanced driving qualifications
  • Ex Instructor Trainer
  • Majority of work comes from reccomendations