Current Discounts

Current Discounts

Block Bookings

If you pre-pay for 5 hours of lessons you will pay £29 per hour instead of the normal rate of £30.

All lessons outside a block will be charged at the standard hourly rate at that time.

Recommend a Friend And you can learn for free

This offer is great if you have have friends or family who want to learn to drive. You qualify by simply telling them to mention your name when they book lessons.

You receive a FULL FREE hour for every person you recommend and is not limited to one hour each.
It is quite simple! The more people you recommend the more you learn for FREE!

You can save your FREE LESSON for when you really need it most. Tight for cash or save for test day. You choose!

Gift Vouchers

Ideal way to help learners pay for lessons. Savings can be made by purchasing 1 or hour denominations.

Other Offers

From time to time there may be additional offers so keep checking this page for any updates.

Terms of Discounts

  1. Payment for block bookings are due on or before the first lesson of that block of lessons.
  2. The potential pupil must mention your name when they book lessons.
  3. Offer only applies when new pupils commit to a regular course of lessons.
  4. No limit to numbers you recommend