Free Theory / HP Training

Free theory & hazard perception training

Amanda provides free advice and revision tools to help you pass your Theory and Hazard Perception Tests.

Theory Test Pro

All pupils are offered the use the Theory Test training website “Theory Test Pro”. The site enables you to practice your driving theory and hazard perception tests on-line. Questions and video clips are from the library used by the DSA who set the tests.

How It Works
Amanda enters your email address onto her account on the Theory Test Pro website and you are sent an email with your user name and password. You can take a quick or longer test and you get to see your scores. Amanda also has access to see how you are doing to enable her to help you with your studying.

Theory Test Pro in partnership with Amanda Aimson Driving School

In addition to the on-line test Amanda also offers the use of:-

  • Weekly multiple choice question papers for home study.
  • Use of DSA theory test CD ROM consisting of the questions that appear in the test.
  • Use of DSA Hazard Perception DVD consisting of video clips to prepare you for the HP test.