Getting Started

Getting Started

1.    Provisional License – You must have one before you drive a car. Fill in form D1 at your nearest post office or Apply Online – by following the instructions. You can apply 3 months before your 17th birthday.

2.    Finances – make sure you have budgeted for lessons and test fees. See Theory & Practical test for test fees but it is much more difficult to assess how much you will need to budget for lessons.

See how long it takes to pass your test. Be sure you set enough money aside and avoid taking gaps in your learning. This will waste money as you will be trying to remember things already covered.

Save money with block bookings, by recommending a friend or you could ask people to buy you our gift vouchers.

3.    Now it is time to choose your Instructor. You need to look for a good quality Instructor who is likely to get you to your test quickly and this will prove better value for money in the long run than some cheaper hourly rate options.

See How to choose a good Instructor. Also check all the other useful tips we give including Pitfalls of Comparing hourly rates and the Introductory offers that could be ‘Too good to be true’

4.    Have a clear idea of how you want to structure your learning. Set your target dates and explain  these when you meet your instructor. They will help you manage your expectations and get to your goals in a timescale that is achievable.

Everybody wants to pass in as little time as possible and some opt for intensive courses. Whilst Amanda advises taking as many lessons each week as you can afford, she does not advise more than 5 or 6 hours as with some intensive courses.

You need time to absorb eveything you are being taught and the pass rates for courses that cram the total learning process in 1 or 2 weeks is drastically lower than the national average pass rate.