How long it takes to Pass

How long it takes to pass your Practical Test

This is the most common question because people need to know how much learning to drive will cost them. Unfortuntely there is no definitive answer and a speculative guide is the best you can expect.

The official figures from the Driving Standards Agency state that:- ‘Those who pass their driving test have had, on average, 45 hours of professional training, in addition to 22 hours of private practice. Candidates who combine both are more successful on the test‘.

Amanda’s averages give an idea of her pupils’ success rates.

82% of pupils passed having taken less than the national average hours to pass. (60 % of these took private practice). The fewest number of hours for a pupil to pass their test over the last 3 years was 16 hours tuition plus private practice, so the success stories are possible.

People learn at different speeds and some people will take to driving quicker than others. There are many factors to consider when assessing timescales:-

  • Previous driving experience, if any
  • Learning capabilities and confidence levels
  • Hand to eye and foot co-ordination
  • Your plans for the consistency of lessons and practice
  • Commitment levels and home study promises
  • How you will cope in the stressful situation that is ‘The Practical Test’

Your Instructor will need to see you drive a few times before they can give a rough guide of how many hours they think you may need to get you to test standard.

Parents – remember the modern test is far more in depth to the one we all took. The new test has had to change to cope with record traffic volumes and dramatic changes to new and exisiting road layouts. 

Comparing the length of time it took to pass the old test is natural to do but unrealistic if you are budgeting for learning to drive as there is now far more content. Gone are the days when people passed after only a handfull of lessons.