Patient Female Instructor

Why Choose Us

Patient Female Instructor

I have many years experience of teaching a variety of people at different stages of their driving journey and am fully aware that people learn at different speeds and vary in confidence levels. I have successfully worked with a wide range of pupils and specialises in:-

  • Nervous pupils
  • Anxious pupils

My knowledge of teaching different personalities ensures I am quick to identify personal needs and adapt a teaching plan to match at a pace that the pupil is comfortable with.

Reliable Expert Tuition

I pride myself in my time keeping and keep all appointments come rain or shine. If for unforeseen reasons, there is a delay to one of your lessons I will notifiy you by phone prior to your start time.

Some of the reasons why I strive to be classed as an expert Instructor are:-

  • 21 years experience in the role
  • Ability to teach a variety of different abilities
  • Highest grade A Instructor
  • High 1st time pass rate
  • 2 x advanced driving qualifications
  • Ex Driving Instructor Trainer
  • Majority of work comes from recommendations