Beware of Offers

Beware of ‘Too Good to be true’ introductory offers

Firstly, I would be asking myself why a good Driving Instructor/School needs to offer huge discounts to win your business.

Most good, established Instructors gain most of their work through word of mouth and do not need to offer gimmicks to get you on board. Their tried and tested teaching styles get you through your test in fewer hours and can often save you considerable money in the long run.

It is too easy to go for what seems to be the cheapest option and you will see some great introductory offers from other Instructors and Driving Schools.

Beware as some offers are not exactly what they seem. If you think the cheapest is your best option, be sure to ask for clarification on the following:-

Hidden Extras – be careful ther are no additional charges other than hourly rates and test fees.

Length of lessons – many driving schools offer ‘Lessons’ but do not state the length of them. Many offer less than an hour and you may be told when and how you take them.

Qualified Instructors – check if they are fully qualified and have a green badge in their window. Pink badge holders have had training but have had little experience of driving instruction and still need to pass their final exam. Statistics show the final exam pass rate is only 20%.

What teaching methods do they propose to use to get you to test as quickly as possible – the better the Instructor, the sooner this will be. You need to trust what you are being told by them.

How much do hourly rates revert to – qualified Instructors soon put their prices up when the introductory offers end. Lessons quickly revert back to full price and may be more expensive.

Filling in your details to get cheaper rates –
your details may be sold on to marketing agencies

Structure of cheap lessons
– some instructors teach by the roadside to keep fuel costs down.