Choosing an Instructor

Choosing the best instructor for you

You need to ask potential Driving Instructors lots of questions before choosing who to go with. They need to be experienced, have a good reputation and must be able to meet your personal needs. Ask for evidence to back up claims you are not sure about, such as certficates etc. Shop around – you need to make sure your choice is the right one, so compare Instructors. Link to DSA How to choose an instructor page

Assessing Quality

  • Pass rate – compare this versus the national average pass rate of 42%. The national 1st time pass rate is even lower than this.
  • Testimonials – read these on Driving School websites or reviews on other websites.
  • Recommendations – usually a good way to determine a good instructor but what one person thinks is good may not always suit you. So ask why they think that Instructor is good.
  • Instructor Grade – only 5.5% of Instructors are the highest grade A. Ask to see their certificate.
  • Advanced Driving Qualifications – do they have any and are they signed up to the Continuous Professional Development programme with the DSA which proves their commitment to their role.
  • Fully Qualifiied – check the Instructor has a green badge in the window. Pink is for a trainee.
  • Structured lesson plans – good instructors will plan all their lessons and know exactly what you will be working on next lesson. Ask what tools they use to log progress.

Prices and Introductory Offers

  • You want value for money – it is logical to look for the cheapest hourly rate or best offers. Some will be genuine but some are not what they seem.  All introductory offers and cheap rates are designed to win your business but it doesn’t always mean you will pay less for your overall course. Click here to see what to look out for and make sure you get the most for your money.
  • Free Theory training – do they offer free help with tutoring, handouts, DVD, Theory Test Pro.
  • Other beneifts – what extras are included in the hourly rate. You want value for money!

Your Personal requirements

  • Female or Male Instructor – whichever gender you require, their personality is what matters.
  • Manual or Automatic – if you pass in a manual you can drive both vehicle types, but this is not the case for drivers who pass in an Automatic car which are also more expensive to buy.
  • Teaching style – ask how the Instructor aims to teach you. They may be too pushy or laid back.
  • Type of car used – they should be modern, easy to drive and have a good safety record.
  • Need to get on with your Instructor – after all you will be spending a lot of time with each other
    Try before you buy
    – if you are not sure who to go with why not book a single lesson to make sure you can get on with the instructor rather than pay for a block booking.