Comparing hourly rates

Pitfalls of comparing Hourly Rates

If you shop around you will find some Driving Instructors’ rates are cheaper and some are more expensive. Many people will consider the cheaper option as it is human nature to want to pay less.

Beware! If you choose by price how can you be sure you are getting a good quality instructor who is more likely to:-

  • Get you to test standard in fewer hours
  • Prepare you to pass your test first time
  • Save you money on extra test fees and extra lessons.
  • Make you a safer driver

Cheap introduction rates and cheaper hourly rates are designed to win your business by Driving Schools who may not be very busy through a lack of recommendations or may be using trainee instructors. It may take many more hours to pass with them so when you multiply the cheaper rate with the number of hours you will need, the net result could mean spending a lot more money in the long run.

You need to learn more about a selection of Driving Instructors, therefore you should find out as much
as you can about them and ask for proof of what they are claiming to be true. Look for their key selling points like Grade and pass rates and how long they have been fully qualified.

Remember a good instructor will save you money in the long run!

To find out what to consider and what to ask instructors go to How to choose a good instructor and then go to Why Choose Us to see some of the reasons why Amanda would be the ideal Driving Instructor for you.