Get the most from lessons

How to Get the Most out of your lessons

Take at least one hour of professional instruction per week
plus as much practice as you can if you are insured. The DSA recommends taking 2 hours per week to make quicker progress to your test.

Consistency is key – avoid taking breaks between your lessons. The longer you take a gap for, the harder it will be to remember where you left off, which will be a waste of the money already spent.

Always get a good nights sleep – especially if your lesson is the following morning.

Get up in plenty of time before a lesson – you need to be physically prepared and straight out of bed into the car is not ideal. Make sure you have had breakfast. You need to be mentally alert.

Eat and drink properly – concentration levels will suffer if you are not properly hydrated.

Wear sensible shoes – no flip flops, high heels, work boots, Ugg boots or loose fitting footwear.

Wear comfortable clothes – you need to feel relaxed & garments restricting movement are not ideal

Prepare for your next lesson by reflecting on the previous one – try to second guess where you can improve for the next lesson.

Practice as much as you can – for consistency you need as much time behind the wheel as possible, but only if insured.

Study at home between lessons especially if you are nearing a test – practice makes perfect

Observe situations when someone else is driving – what would you do in that situation?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – you are paying to learn and the instructor will want you to ask questions so thet know you understand what they are teaching you.

Tell the instructor if you are having a bad day – two way communication is essential so the instructor knows how to structure each lesson. If you are not feeling great they need to know.

Listen to your instructor. You are paying them for their experience and teaching skills so make the most of what they are telling you. Remember they are the expert.

If you disagree with something your instructor tells you, ask them to explain in more detail. You need to understand what they are telling you and why.