Pass your test sooner

How to pass your test Sooner

Firstly you need to agree with your Instructor when to take your theory and practical tests. They are experienced and know when you will be at test standard and it will not be a ploy to keep you paying for lessons. Driving Instructors have a duty of care only to send pupils for their tests when they are ready.

The DSA states ‘If you are not getting it right all the time without your instructor’s help then you are not ready to take your test’

Techniques to prepare you for your test

Practice makes perfect – the more you repeat things the easier they are to remember and this will make all the difference on your test date. Practice manoeuvres, driving scenarios and theory study.

Memory association techniques – can help you remember things such as road rules and signs. Mnemonics are simple memory-boosting tools that help connect everyday, easy to remember items with the things you are trying to remember. Various websites can offer advice and methods to use.

Don’t put excess pressure on yourself – you may be risking your chances of passing. Try to put things into perspective. It is not the end of the world if you do not pass.

Think positively – if you doubt yourself you may be convinced that you will not pass. You have
worked too hard to get to this stage and let yourself down today. Tell yourself you will pass.

Sleep well the night before – tiredness affects concentration. You must be alert

Manage your stress levels – the better you cope with stress before and on your test, will dictate how
well you do. Remember, the examiners see lots of nervous people and you will not be their first.

Relaxation techniques – a simple method is to breath properly. Take deep breathes when you are getting tense or panicky.

Listen to what the examiner says on the test – ask for clarity if you need it. There is nothing worse than doing something wrong because you miss-understand an instruction.